The emergence of conversational experiences is redefining the way companies and brands interact with their customers, employees and partners

Why Bots?

Response entitlement drives the perception that businesses should be ready to respond anytime, anywhere. Using the latest AI and Natural Language Processing capabilities, our bots understand queries just like humans.

More importantly they learn from every interaction, integrating data and applying sentiment analysis for improved business insights and personalised user experiences.

Customer service

Reduce agent support costs and resolve your customers’ targeted queries 24/7 by providing a fully / partially automated, instant and contextual customer service bot.


Provide each of your customers with an AI-driven personal shopping assistant, 24/7, to navigate vast product catalogues instantly, make suggestions and increase conversion rates.

Internet of things

Build an obstacle-free voice / text interface to access and make sense of the growing number of things in the IoT environment (20 billion by 2020) and the huge amounts of data they generate.

Regulatory & compliance

Understand, monitor and control the many regulatory risks that can tarnish brands, distract management and harm customers with an audit-trailed personalised conversation environment.

Targeted up-selling & cross-selling

Deliver automated intelligent up-sells and cross-sells with marketing campaigns, lead generation and conversions personalised and delivered to targeted customers.

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